Our practice was founded by Dr Thomas Hayward in 1880 and has been at the heart of the community in Haydock for 140 years. We aim to provide the best NHS healthcare for our patients, with high-quality care and services for all. In August 2021 the Care Quality Commission assessed the practice as Good in all areas of care and management. 

We are a team of 50 staff and clinicians, serving over 15,000 patients in Haydock, St Helens, and the local area. ​Find out more here


Our team has changed with the times. We now offer consultations with GPs, advanced nurse practitioners, a women's health practitioner, specialist mental health practitioners, and specialist frailty practitioners. We also offer consultations with our practice nurses and health care assistants. Meet the team here

We offer annual reviews for patients with diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart disease, and high blood pressure. We offer 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, ECGs, spirometry (for patients with COPD), and INR monitoring (for patients taking anticoagulant medication).  

We have a weekly baby clinic, for baby checks and immunizations. We have close links with health visitors, school nurses and midwives, and also work closely with district nurses and Macmillan nurses. 

In 2017 we moved into brand new purpose-designed premises rated as excellent by BREEAM . Explore the surgery here

You can contact us using eConsult and by email, and we now offer online GP video consultations with our own GPs, and with the Push Doctor service. 


You can make repeat prescription requests directly online using Patient Access

We are a training practice and are linked to Health Education North West, Manchester University and Edge Hill University. We train GPs, medical students, physical and mental health nurses, health care assistants, GP assistants, and physician associates. 


In the year to April 2019 we scored near-maximum points (542 points out of 545) on the NHS Quality Outcomes Framework - a score of the quality of care provided across a range of medical conditions. Our clinical pharmacist manages the quality of prescribing and our practice nurses offer clinics for a range of conditions. Find out more about our management of long term conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, hypertension and heart disease here

We aim to provide the same service to our patients regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality or religious beliefs. We are a safe, welcoming service that treats everyone with respect and without discrimination. 

The 2019 national patient survey results for our practice show that:

  • 95% felt the clinician they saw recognized or understood their mental health needs

  • 97% say the clinician they saw was good at treating them with care and concern

  • 98% say the clinician they saw was good at listening to them

  • 100% had confidence and trust in the clinician they saw

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Merger with Modality Partnership

We're grateful that so many of you were able to attend the meeting on Tuesday afternoon 23rd August  We're sorry that we had to change the venue at short notice as the practice couldn't accommodate the numbers who wanted to attend.


At Haydock Medical Centre, we have faced the same challenges and pressures that GP practices all over the UK are experiencing. We have had to give very careful thought as to how to secure the future of the practice and to ensure that it thrives and is successful in the long term. 


Modality Partnership is a UK NHS GP partnership. It is owned by its own GP partners, and it’s essentially the same as any other traditional NHS GP partnership, except that it is bigger. It has 130 partners and half a million patients in seven different areas of the UK, so it can be described as a super-partnership.


It is not American or a multi-national. Like every other GP partnership in the country, Modality partners are self-employed GPs who provide services for the NHS. 


When our local primary care network in Newton and Haydock was being formed about 4 years ago, Modality provided management support to help our network grow and develop. We’ve got to know the Modality team over this time. They are very good and very capable people, who are deeply committed to NHS general practice.


We have now reached agreement that Haydock Medical Centre will join Modality partnership and will become a Modality practice from 1st October 2022. Current and future GP partners in the practice will be Modality partners. 


We firmly believe that Modality is one of the best GP partnerships in this country. It has an intense focus on quality of care and quality of management, and will work with us to improve the services that you experience. We’re extremely fortunate to have this expert support.

We believe that there is strength in numbers. Being a member of a much larger organisation will give us resources that we could not possibly access if we remained an individual practice. We consider that the practice will be stronger and more stable with this support, and that this will assist us to recruit and retain the best doctors, nurses and staff to work here. 

We hope you understand the significant pressures and challenges we have been facing - which are common to practices all over the country. We know that at times your experiences with our GP surgery haven't been excellent, and we view this as a definitive step to stabilise the practice and improve our services. Having support from Modality will take some pressures off our shoulders and over time will lead to an improvement in the way we operate . 


We listened to many of your concerns at Tuesday's meeting, and a common theme was that we need to improve our communication with you.  We agree, and we will be working with Modality to communicate better with more convenient and larger patient participation groups, regular newsletters and feedback sessions. We will also be looking to see if we can streamline our telephone services. 

We will issue a more detailed announcement of the partnership in the coming weeks but in the meantime, we’d like to reiterate how grateful we are for your support.  We feel very positive and optimistic about our future as a practice, and hope you do too. We ask for your backing through this transition and trust that you will benefit directly from these changes to our service. 

Dr Martin Breach   24th August 2022

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