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Help us to help you, and use e-Consult instead of the phone.


e-Consult is a new way to contact us and request appointments using the Internet rather than the phone. Click the link above, or on our contact page, to use the service. 

'I want help for my condition' provides customised templates for the most common medical problems. These will work through and check for relevant symptoms for each particular problem. 


If your issue does not fit into any one of the categories then use 'I want general advice'. Alternatively, choose  'I want administrative help'. 

You will be able to describe the issue in as much detail as you need. This will really help our team to offer you the right service for your problem. 

Your request will be emailed directly to our reception team, who will immediately forward the e-Consult information to our duty GP.

Requests for appointments received before 5pm will be forwarded immediately to the duty GP, who will action the request just as fast and in exactly the same way as with a phone request - but with the benefit of the extra information that you include. Requests for appointments received after 5pm will be dealt with the next morning. 

Administrative requests - for example for forms or letters - will be dealt with in the same way as phone requests. We will typically respond on the same day, but we guarantee a response by the end of the next working day at the latest. 


Booking appointments

We offer the majority of our appointments as same-day appointments. All requests are assessed and triaged by a GP, and are allocated to a clinician on the day. All of our clinicians offer 15 minute appointments, except our specialist mental health nurse who can book appointments of 20 mins, 30 mins or even up to 40 minutes. 

On most days we will see all, or almost all, patients who request appointments on the same day. If we do reach full capacity, we will book appointments ahead for the next available day. Please note that Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days for appointment requests. 


We do have some appointments available for advance booking, and our clinicians can book follow-up appointments when required. 


We offer phone consultations for our patients' convenience when these are appropriate


We also book 'extended access' appointments with GPs at weekends and on weekday evenings. This is an NHS initiative to provide more appointments outside of normal surgery hours. The doctors providing these appointments have access to our full medical records. 


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