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Many of us have been asked to stay at home and protect ourselves from coming into contact with Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). For some, it might make us more ill due to an existing health condition or because of our age

Also, some of us are shielding ourselves from the virus because we may care for someone at risk and want to minimise the chance of passing it on. This means we are spending lots more time at home. Changes in our normal lives like this can make us feel bored, isolated and frustrated. This is understandable and these feelings may affect our mood and cause some of us to feel low, worried or have problems sleeping.

If you spend a bit of time thinking about some positive things you can do now, while you are at home, it will help you to stay both mentally and physically healthy. There are five steps to feeling well, which can really help put us more in control and help us to feel positive even when it lots of things are happening around us..

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By staying at home we are protecting ourselves, our families and our communities. No matter who we are, we are all in this together and can help and support each other at this time.

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