Ear wax removal



Blockage of the ears with wax is one of the most common causes of hearing loss.

Before a hearing test, or fitting of a hearing aid, it's essential that the ears are clear of wax.

We offer medical removal of ear wax by a doctor trained in

Micro Suction. This is a safe and effective process of wax removal. Until recently, this technique was only available in hospital.

The procedure is ideal for all ages. It is a much safer procedure than ear syringing, and is suitable even if there is a history of perforated eardrums or previous ear surgery.

This is usually a very quick and convenient procedure, and most ears are successfully cleared in a single session. However, sometimes a second session is required, for example, if the wax is severely impacted.

Following the procedure, there will be a full examination of the eardrum and ear canal for signs of any other problems. 


Booking an appointment

We can often offer an appointment on the same day, and usually within a maximum of a few days, here at the surgery. We can offer early evening appointments, up to 6.30 pm. To contact us:


The fee for this service is £35 for one ear, and £50 for both ears.

Please note that there is no charge for patients registered with Haydock Medical Centre. 

Phone 01744 624360