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Requesting prescriptions

You can request repeat prescriptions in writing or by using Patient Access.


If you require log in details for patient access, contact reception

Unfortunately, NHS regulations don't allow us to routinely take repeat medication requests over the phone. If you aren't yet registered for patient access, you can use this online form

We ask for a minimum of 2 working days to process repeat medication requests.


We usually receive about 500 requests each day, so there is a lot of work being done by our clinical pharmacists checking prescriptions behind the scenes.


Requests for urgent prescriptions are dealt with individually by the duty GP - we'll take account of the circumstances and aim to deal with these in an appropriate time frame according to the urgency. 

We now issue almost all prescriptions electronically, directly to pharmacies. You can nominate a pharmacy yourself, using Patient Access, or let us know the chemist that you want your prescriptions sent to.  

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