GP and F2 Trainees

We are a training practice and have GP Registrars attached on training placements – these are fully-qualified doctors who are undertaking additional training in order to qualify as a GP.

We also provide training posts for Foundation Year 2 doctors. These are doctors who are in their second year following qualification who work in general practice for 4 months. Some of these doctors will enter specialist training programs to become consultants in medicine, surgery and other hospital specialities, and others will themselves train to become GPs.  


Medical, nursing and pharmacy students

We train medical students from Manchester University, and also have nursing and pharmacy students attached to the practice who may sit in on consultations – you would always be informed first and asked for your consent. 

It is possible that, from time to time, you may be asked if you would consent to your consultation being videoed for assessment purposes. Again, you would always be informed first and it is your right to decline if you do not wish to.